A Quick Guide to Getting Familiar with the PC Puzzle Game, Stormshot

Early Game Strategy:
In the initial stages of Stormshot, it’s crucial to adhere to the tutorial. This game invites you into a world where you’ll engage in various forms of battles against pirates. The gameplay mechanics of this intriguing PC puzzle game will progressively unravel as you delve further into the game.

PC puzzle game

Combat Mechanics:
Once the battle commences, each character and their accompanying soldier will automatically start attacking. Remember to collect resources within your territory regularly. Following the mission (chapter quest) listed on the left side should be your next step.

Bullet puzzles might require attention intermittently, but they’re not overly challenging. Even if a ricochet hits you, it won’t be counted as a mistake. Don’t worry if you fail; you can skip after several attempts.

Hero Training:
To utilize three squads, focus on raising the levels of six heroes. In this PC puzzle game, higher-ranked heroes boast greater strength. Therefore, make an effort to level up your gold rank or purple rank characters.

Creating and enhancing the equipment of rare grade is advisable. Also, employing items that boost attack and defense power can provide you an edge in battles and decrease the casualty count among your soldiers.

Strategic Planning:
Checking the enemy’s strength and placement is essential. Deciding where to position each character requires strategic thinking, a feature highly appreciated in this game.

Stormshot, categorized as a strategy type, allows you to explore the island, discover facilities, strengthen them, and develop your base. You can download this engaging PC puzzle game from App Store/Google Play.