Be a romantic pirate in the PC puzzle game – Stormshot

After the great geographical discoveries of the 15th century, the proliferation of sailing technologies marked the beginning of the Age of Discovery. Subsequently, with the rise of maritime trade and the establishment of oceanic order, piracy also gradually developed. Against this backdrop unfolds the legendary story of a PC puzzle game called Stormshot, which involves pirates, mysterious islands, strategic battles, and kingdom-building.

PC puzzle game

As a new player to Stormshot, you should focus on building an effective economic system before building a strong army. Yes, you will need to train some troops in the early stages so you can complete Chapter Missions and other similar tasks. Besides, focus more on upgrading and expanding your economy as this will support you in the long run.

Playing this PC puzzle game solo is fine if that’s what you prefer, but if you want to get the best out of Stormshot, you should consider joining an alliance. This will allow you to get help from more experienced players, as well as take part in alliance events and join other related activities.

The main advantage of being an alliance member as a new player is that you will get access to the alliance shop, where you can purchase powerful items and exclusive rewards.

Those legendary pirates, with their hearts full of freedom, roam and explore everywhere, embarking on romantic adventures around the world. Download Stormshot from App Store/Google Play and join this free and thrilling adventure! It’s a PC puzzle game that opens up the world to you.