Best Pirate Game – Tips for Early Progress in Stormshot!

First and foremost, solve the puzzles!

Puzzles are a crucial part of this best pirate game. They’re necessary for advancing the story, allowing you to construct new buildings and expand your island. To progress the story, there are main quests like “level up ** to level *”. So, while solving the puzzles, let’s also develop the island.

Materials are needed for island development, so it’s a good idea to simultaneously collect “trees”, “stones”, and “tree fruits” that are scattered around♪

Once your island has grown to a substantial size, there’s only one thing left to do…
Yes… That’s right, battle with the enemy!!!
However, blindly challenging battles will only lead to defeat. First, train your troops and heroes. Having even one hero is essential as they can significantly enhance our combat power!

best pirate game

Bullet Shooting Charm – Hero Training

In this Best Pirate Game, Heroes can level up by consuming EXP gained from material collection and battles. The materials used for training heroes differ from those used for troop training. So, train your troops to increase their combat power!

Once you get the hang of it, eliminate threats to your estate!

Bullet Shooting Tips – Eliminate Threats

Now that we’ve strengthened our troops and trained our heroes, it’s time for battle! Pressing the map button at the bottom right allows you to view the overall map.

From here, select the enemy base you wish to attack and send in your troops! Opt for a base that is as close to your position as possible to minimize travel time.

Otherwise, unexpected challenges may arise…
More secrets about the best pirate game await your exploration after you download Stormshot from App Store/Google Play~