Choosing the most suitable hero in the PC puzzle game, Stormshot

The era of grand voyages has consistently captivated us with its mesmerizing landscapes of clear blue skies and seas, intertwined with the captivating mysteries of pirate history. Is it truly as we see in films and TV shows, filled with curses, treasures, and legends? You can experience it all firsthand in the PC puzzle gameStormshot.

PC puzzle game

In this survival-oriented PC puzzle game, you’ll need to confront evil on multiple fronts while exploring uncharted territories with the perfect companion. But how does one select such a partner? Heroes are an integral part of Stormshot, exerting substantial influence on your army’s strength through their unique skills and the enhancements they offer to your march capacity.

Think of the wall as a fortress. Certain heroes are categorized as “garrison,” determined by their specialization: infantry, distance, cavalry, or garrison. Look out for symbols in the top corner that represent these classifications. There are also different classes: S, A, B, and C. By examining these heroes’ skills and levels, you can choose the one most adept at defense, and they will become the ideal hero for your Wall.

Are you prepared? Countdown 3, 2, 1, and let’s embark! Click to download the PC puzzle game from App Store/Google Play and dive into the fascinating world of Stormshot.