Different gameplay in the PC puzzle game – Stromshot

Stormshot is a PC puzzle game with pioneering shooting gameplay concepts where you unravel various mysteries while developing the island. You can download it from App Store/Google Play.

PC puzzle game

Defeat the mysterious ghosts and sea monsters in hundreds of different stages within the game, and restore the valuable heritage lost from ancient times.

The shooting mini-game in Stormshot is a brain game where you defeat enemies while considering the angle of reflection off walls and obstacles!

You can also enjoy various game elements such as island development and wars with ghosts!

This game is recommended for both newcomers and veteran PC puzzle game players; everyone can enjoy build and battle elements where you collect materials and advance island development!
This work not only allows you to focus on shooting gameplay, but also allows you to collect materials such as wood to strengthen your castle, and to develop ruins, so you can enjoy build and battle elements.

On the screen, it always shows what you should do and where, so if you don’t know what to do, just touch according to the instructions and proceed with the development.

By enhancing the facilities, you can enhance allied soldiers who will fight with you when you develop ruins. Then explore a wider ocean world together in this PC puzzle game!