Explore the unknown mysteries of the maritime age in the best pirate game of 2023 – Stormshot!

Since the dawn of the Age of Discovery in Europe, pirates have indeed entered a phase of rapid development and swiftly became an undeniable maritime force. They not only have a very strict ranking and distribution system but also possess extremely high combat literacy. Want to explore the unknown mysteries of the legendary and treasure-filled Age of Discovery together? Then let’s take a look at the best pirate game of 2023 – Stormshot!

best pirate game

This exciting game combines the best elements of classic strategy and ricochet-based puzzles to create an immersive, dynamic experience.

Stormshot features a variety of resources and essential items, but the primary ones are Food, Stones, Magic Crystals, and Silver. You will also need Planks, which can be easily obtained by sending your workers to chop trees.

Touted as the best pirate game of 2023, Stormshot isn’t just a ricochet-based puzzle game. It also includes PVE combats where you can fight against Undead Generals and Ghost Armies of pirates. The battle system is easy to learn – you search the map for a desired target, whether it be a player or a neutral unit, and start creating your march.

You also have the possibility to assign an Airship to your army/march after reaching Stronghold level 10, which will significantly increase your army’s power. Just give it a shot! Here’s the download link from the App Store/Google Play. Come and try out the best pirate game, Stormshot!