How do you feel about this PC puzzle game about pirates?

The origin of pirates can be traced back to the Carthaginian civilization in the 14th century BC, but the true rise of piracy began with Columbus’s discovery of the New World. The unknown wealth and lands prompted countless people to embark on voyages one after another. Pirates, armed with officially granted privateering licenses, were active on various commercial shipping routes. This story about Stormshot – a PC puzzle game – takes place against such a historical backdrop.

PC puzzle game

In this lost land of your adventure in Stormshot, there are bound to be multiple challenges overflowing. As a PC puzzle game, you should use your adventurous instinct to find the lost treasures, defeat mysterious ghosts, and the terrifying Sea Monster!

After leveling up, the amount of silver coins that can be obtained for free each day will also increase. During times when there are extra rewards, it’s possible to get around ten thousand silver coins. Joining a powerful alliance is crucial in castle games. By joining a large alliance, you can even achieve a level of peace where you are never attacked, which is a definite advantage.

Reinforce your stronghold and form a formidable alliance with others on the Treasure Isle. They will provide you with immense support throughout the challenges and offer the greatest treasures you’ll ever find on this journey!

This applies not only to this game but also to other combat-oriented games, where the likelihood of being attacked increases if you’re not part of any alliance.

To minimize the risk of attacks, try applying to join top-ranking alliances from the leaderboard.

There are many benefits to joining a top-ranking alliance, such as completing daily tasks assigned to alliance members, which can quickly earn you significant assistance. Additionally, you can acquire a wealth of resources from the alliance’s treasure chest.

So,just download Stormshot from App Store/ Google Play,grab your weaponand come to Stormshot to enjoy this PC puzzle game and embark on your own treasure-hunting journey!