How to Improve your Power in the Best Pirate Game-Stormshot?

The adventurous tales of breaking through shackles and the pioneering spirit of subverting traditions have always held a compelling power since ancient times. The Age of Discovery has spanned more than five hundred years, among which the 30 years from 1691 to 1723 are referred to as the “Golden Age” of piracy. The story of the best pirate gameStormshot takes place in such a legendary era. So, how can one become an invincible explorer in the Stormshot?

best pirate game

Treasure Island’s inhabitants have left a few things in the wake of the vicious fog surrounding their homes. At the start of the best pirate game, you are given nothing more than a measly Strong hold similar to a poor man’s camp. Later, you will be able to fill up your base after clearing the mist that surrounds the base.
Buildings are separated into two categories: Military and Economic

Military structures give you the ability to generate troops as well as maintain and upgrade their Buildings such as the Artillery Foundry, Barracks, Shooting Range, and Stables allow you to train forces of a given classification. There are also buildings such as the Academy and Military Tents that give you Research and Troop Training Speed, respectively.

Economic buildings are self-explanatory as well. The game has four resources: Food, Magic Crystals, Stones, and Silver. They have their own respective farms. Hospitals are also considered Economic buildings, alongside the Exchange and the Munitions Exchange.

Take note as well that marching to Resource Grids is different. Compared to the quick battles when sending Marches to Threats, you have to wait for ample time for your troops to gather the sources specified in that grid. It also considers the load they can carry on their backs.

Those pirates wandering in the vast ocean are indeed fascinating. Let’s download the best pirate game Stormshot from the App Store/Google Play and immerse ourselves in such an enchanting fantasy world.