How to rapidly acquire the essential resources for upgrades in the PC puzzle game Stormshot?

If you’re eager to level up in Stormshot, undertaking your daily tasks and activities will afford you the opportunity to obtain the resources you need. This PC puzzle game rewards you with earnings that can be utilized for settlement upgrades. You can monitor each Base-Building’s upgrade process via a zoomed-out view of the base.

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After surpassing level 15, you’ll necessitate a significant amount of Silver to keep expanding your estate. However, Silver is a scarce commodity in the PC puzzle game, and it becomes increasingly challenging to collect as you advance through the levels. So, just savor a temporary victory before another grueling grind.

So, how can you amass sufficient Silver to complete tasks? Consider joining an Alliance that owns a Silver Mine. Membership in an Alliance can offer various bonuses that make playing Stormshot: Isle of Adventure much simpler, ranging from extra resources to unique badges. Therefore, if you’re not yet part of an Alliance, hop online and join one right now!

In the PC puzzle game Stormshot, resource gathering is a critical element of setting up an impregnable camp. Don’t wait, download Stormshot from App Store/Google Play. Enjoy the beautifully rendered graphics and intriguing plot puzzles in this shooter game with your friends!