How to Rapidly Gather Essential Resources in the Best Pirate Game of 2023 – Stormshot

Have you heard about the best pirate game of 2023 – Stormshot? With its exquisite graphics and riveting plotlines, it’s a game that promises to keep every player engrossed!

best pirate game

Are you new to this genre? No worries. Although the game does include a tutorial, some aspects might still be puzzling for beginners. That’s where this guide for the best pirate game comes in to assist you!

First things first, focus on building a thriving Estate. You can recruit additional workers by rescuing those who are petrified across various game levels. Strive to rescue as many villagers as possible because doing so accelerates your resource gathering.

By default, Stormshot only provides one builder, limiting you to upgrade just one building at a time. This isn’t the most efficient approach when your goal is rapid city growth.

To circumvent this limitation, activate the second builder trial available within the game. The initial activation is free and lasts 30 minutes. Hence, ensure beforehand that you possess the necessary resources to support multiple upgrades during this period.

Moreover, Sulphur, an advanced building material needed for leveling up your Stronghold, is a commodity you’ll want to stockpile.

Once you’ve freed the mermaid from petrification, she’ll perch on a rock by the seashore within your Estate. When you click “Interact”, you’ll encounter two options: Mermaid and Treasure Diving. The latter offers Hero XP and rare items such as Pearl Oysters and Sulphur.

Boosting the Mermaid’s affection level can aid in amassing a substantial amount of Sulphur.
Download the best pirate game, Stormshot, from App Store/Google Play. Leverage your intellect to accumulate resources and establish the strongest camp. Venture into the foggy continent and uncover the hidden, mysterious legends.