Imagine if I had a powerful army in the PC puzzle game – Stormshot…

During the Age of Exploration, Europeans relentlessly honed and advanced their shipbuilding technology in their quest to discover expansive civilizations beyond the seas. Consequently, pirate ships also became larger and better equipped. The enormous pirate ships from this era showcased impressive combat capabilities, typically armed with a variety of advanced firearms. Against this backdrop, the PC puzzle game – Stormshot, is rather straightforward in its design. Let’s have a quick look at it.

PC puzzle game

The ultimate goal for players is survival until the server’s end stages. Along the journey of exploration, many challenges are thrown your way. But at the onset of the game, it’s crucial for players to comprehend that they must devise different strategies to gather or produce more resources, ensuring a solid start to the PC puzzle game.
Military power is a key factor that players need to consider in Stormshot. The army serves multiple purposes, not limited to attacking other players and destroying their estates. There are also PvE opponents in Stormshot, like zombies, who carry essential loot needed to upgrade your own estate. That’s why it’s important to train large armies, capable of sending soldiers out to fight while still having enough troops to defend your estate against surprise attacks.

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