In the marvelous PC puzzle game, Stormshot, what kind of gaming experience can players expect?

In 1492, Columbus discovered the New World, leading to an increasing number of Europeans arriving in Central and South America. This officially marked the beginning of the Age of Exploration. The PC puzzle game, Stormshot, is set against this historical backdrop.

PC puzzle game

The game is set on a vast Treasure Island where players are continuously rewarded with new items. Besides, players also need to find ways to solve the end-game mysteries in this PC puzzle game- Stormshot, discover legendary lost treasures, and even combat mystical creatures such as ghosts and monsters in the sea.

The primary objective in the game is to complete each level by shooting and hitting specific targets, solving puzzles, and collecting treasures. The game progresses through multiple levels of increasing difficulty, and each level offers unique challenges.

The Mermaid is a special ally character that appears in the game and can be very helpful for resource gathering, stat boosts, and special missions that will reward you with amazing rewards. This character has a variety of abilities that can increase your power quickly but can also be used to collect shipwrecks – you just need to tap them when you see one floating in the sea, and the mermaid will take care of it, bringing resources back to your city.

Such a bizarre pirate adventure is unfolding in the PC puzzle game, Stormshot. Click to download it from App Store/Google Play and write your own legend.