In the PC puzzle game Stormshot, how can we ensure the safety of our camp while exploring for treasures?

Pirates have always been a fascination for many since childhood. The image of a pirate puffing on a cigar, wearing an eyepatch, and embodying a spirit of adventure and unbridled character, is something that people yearn for. Stormshot is a challenging PC puzzle game inviting you to delve into this mysterious pirate world.

PC puzzle game

In this PC puzzle game, your main task is to explore the island in search of treasures and relics. Decipher mysterious clues and uncover secrets. Battle against sea monsters and spooky ghosts. Also, form alliances with other teams on the island and conquer stronger enemies.

Your base serves as the main logistics support hub, and ensuring its safety is very important. Therefore, a garrison hero is always essential to have in your estate because you never know when another player might start to attack you. A garrison hero can defend your estate from attacks.
So what are you waiting for? Come and download the PC puzzle game from App Store/Google Play, join us in Stormshot to build a safe and reliable base, and together let’s explore the unknown mysteries of the island!