Interesting aspects of playing Stormshot: You can enjoy three gameplay styles in the best pirate game!

The feature of the best pirate game is setting your bullet standard to defeat enemies, positioning your troops to confront the enemy, and battling with other players and NPCs in real-time, all within Stormshot, which is definitely a tempting point! It’s great that when you have used up the resources in the game to advance or temporarily don’t have enough time to play a long PK (player kill), you can just switch to progressing in another one!

best pirate game

Besides the three gameplay methods, there are many other immersive elements, like developing an island! Training your troops, growing crops, helping mermaids, and the substantial task of developing an island!

Collecting things like timber and minerals becomes necessary as “materials”, but after a certain amount of time passes, they become collectible again. So even if you’re busy, you can still play thoroughly by logging in regularly to collect materials♪

Strengthen your troops and heroes!

As you develop the island, you will be able to battle with enemy troops.

To win against the enemy, it’s essential to strengthen your troops and heroes, so let’s continue to nurture them properly!

Heroes can level up by consuming EXP obtained from material collection and battles, so it’s recommended to intensively strengthen them once you get them because they can be nurtured with different materials than the troops!

Download stormshot from App Store/Google Play and enjoy triple the fun from a single best pirate game!