Is the PC puzzle game Stormshot difficult for a beginner to get into?

The era of great navigation has spanned over five hundred years, among which the 30 years from 1691 to 1723, was even known as the “Golden Age” of pirates. The PC puzzle gameStormshot– took place against such a historical backdrop.

PC puzzle game

On the Treasure Island shrouded in mist, ghosts guarding treasures await you for an exciting challenge! Grab your weapon now and embark on your own treasure hunting journey!
show off unparalleled wisdom and demonstrate your prowess in intellectual battles; focus and aim precisely to overcome the enemies standing in your way of challenges. Collect treasures to renovate ancient relics and decrypt mysteries that are beyond words.
Main Quest
In Stormshot There are lined up missions such as leveling up various facilities and monster subjugation. The main quests are further divided into additional main quests and growth quests.

The treasure of the Sea God can be used to intensively enhance the crown.

As the PC puzzle game story progresses, you will receive an item called “Treasure of the Sea God”, which can be used for strengthening. The crown is one of the rewards. strengthen the. Crown can shorten building time and gain resources (limited to food and magic crystals)
Strengthening items can be obtained not only from daily tasks but also from activities such as undersea treasure hunting by mermaids.
Progressing Tasks In the early stage of Stormshot, you just need to follow the chapter tasks displayed on the left side of the screen. After you have completed a certain degree, the mainline tasks and daily tasks will appear. From then on, you should do daily tasks every day, and mainline tasks can be carried out when you are free.
Whether you’re a seasoned fan of this kind of PC puzzle game or a newcomer who has never tried it before, you can find enjoyment in Stormshot. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you become an adventurer and try this game. Just click and download Stormshot from App Store/Google Play