Let the best pirate game bring you back to the Age of Discovery!

The 18th-19th century was an era of great exploration, as if new gold mines were discovered every day. Merchants in search of wealth, spices from Southeast Asia, ceramics from East Asia; a large amount of goods and people all needed ship transportation. Stormshotthe best pirate game, is set in such a legendary era.

the best pirate game

As the best pirate game,Stormshot offers players opportunities to explore the Ancient Tombs structure, battle monsters, and collect rewards.

Daily Tasks: Every day, some task content will be provided to you, and you must complete up to 280 points. These tasks can be completed in just 30 minutes. Planetarium:

Every 8 hours, some tasks will be released, such as striking and rescuing. You need to dispatch troops to the icon location on the board to complete tasks, which can obtain hero experience points and soldiers. In addition, if you complete the tasks with numbers in the upper left corner, the radar will upgrade, and then more advanced tasks can be displayed.

When the eye icon changes to an upward arrow, remember to upgrade the radar.
Explore the fog. Solve the lost mystery. Come and download Stormshot from the App Store/Google Play
, then carve out your own epic adventure in the best pirate game!