Let’s become free-roaming explorers together in the best PC puzzle game of 2023 – Stormshot

The so-called “those who conquer the world must first conquer the seas, and those who decline in the world must first fail at the seas”. After the opening of new sea routes, various countries, countless people, have embarked on ocean voyages. the PC puzzle game Stormshot brings you thrills and excitement.

PC puzzle game

The PC puzzle game Stormshot trivializes battles by a measure of strength between two parties via Troop Power. The four troop archetypes also play a massive role in this game.
One of these buildings includes the Tavern, where you draw heroes in a lottery-type system (or gacha, for short). The Master only contains Tier B to Tier S heroes. Standard only has Tier C to Tier A heroes.

Take note as well that marching to Resource Grids is different. Compared to the quick battles when sending Marches to Threats, you have to wait for ample time for your troops to gather the resources specified in that grid. It also considers the load they can carry on their backs.

However, consider that Marches are limited by the amount you can send on the Kingdom Map and how far the target is from the Estate. Grids 50 kilometers from the Estate take about a minute to arrive at their target. Thus, 2 minutes are given to that march (arrival and return time overall). Don’t be surprised if 4000 kilometers take about 45 minutes, and that’s already the arrival time, not altogether.

Countless pirate ships set sail against the wind. The legends of the great age of exploration are always a fascinating topic for many. Come and download this PC puzzle game-Stormshot from the App Store/Google Play, and let’s journey back to that adventurous period in history together!