Methods to Win in the Best Pirate Game Stormshot

What should you do when you’ve followed your friends’ lead and downloaded the best pirate gameStormshot from App Store/Google Play, only to find it hard to win in battles? Here are some excellent strategies to empower players. Let’s take a look.

best pirate game

Collecting Resources

Use the Random Teleport to move to an arbitrary location and then scout players individually.

Avoid scouting stronger players. If their profile picture suggests they have more power than you, it’s better not to even scout them. Also, steer clear of scouting alliances in the top 10 or those with treaties with your own alliance. When you find your target player, use Teleport to get close to other players.

Players with many resources and few soldiers are ideal targets. Absolutely go for it, jump without hesitation, and park next to them!

However, avoid those who have fewer soldiers but higher ranks than you.

Reading Battle Reports
Light injuries recover quickly, so no problem there. Heavy injuries can be healed in the hospital. Deaths result in a complete loss of soldiers.

The attacking side faces a higher risk of deaths. Hence, you could bear the risk of losing a large number of troops. It’s hard to obtain training acceleration items in this best pirate game, so acquiring new troops quickly can be challenging.

Try to avoid deaths as much as possible. Using items that increase attack or defense power can give you an advantage in battle and reduce the number of soldier deaths.

Ways to Make Resources Less Prone to Plundering
The best way is to join a top-tier alliance.

If you can’t join due to reasons such as the desired alliance lacking space, it’s recommended not to leave large amounts of resources unattended (especially silver).

If you have many troops and soldiers, you are less likely to be targeted. However, this is effective against solo plunderers in best pirate game-Stormshot, but if people who are plundering in groups find you, they will gather and plunder you.