PC puzzle game-Stormshot Game Guide: Battle by positioning troops

In this PC puzzle game ,Sometimes pirates occupy facilities, and if you initiate a battle, you’ll enter into a troop deployment conflict. This takes place outside the estate.

There, enemy NPCs and other players’ bases are situated. You can determine the types of characters and soldiers, form a unit, dispatch them to the destination, and they will conduct an automatic battle. Enjoy wars with other players or NPCs.

PC puzzle game

In this PC puzzle game, there’s also an interesting mini-game segment. It’s intriguing because, while the rule is very simple – how to defeat pirates with the 5 bullets you have – you need to think about where and when to shoot. There seem to be around hundreds of stages, so you can fully enjoy it.
You can obtain resources from the Ghost Army’s camp (with at least 2 alliance members). The more damage you inflict in the rally, the more your share increases, lol. After the rally concludes, you can get about a certain amount of food or other resources.

In Stormshot, you can enjoy battles in three formats without getting bored. Each battle is as well thought out as a single game, which is amazing. It’s especially recommended for players who want to enjoy combat. Download this PC puzzle game from App Store/Google Play and then enjoy the fun of solving puzzles.