Several ways to take shortcuts in the Best Pirate Game-Stormshot

After downloading the best pirate gameStormshot from App Store/Google Play
, how can a game novice quickly gain more resources and level up in the game? Here are some tips that can help players get what they want quickly.

best pirate game

Types of Events
Generally, the events in best pirate game-Stormshot can be categorized into “Popular Events” and “Daily Tasks.”
The special events, which are known for their lavish rewards, fall under the “Popular Events” category.
These are updated daily at 9 a.m., so make sure to check the Popular Events as your first priority.
However, Daily Tasks also offer considerable rewards.

Reduce Construction Time
There are multiple ways to cut down construction time.
Let’s save up on acceleration items.

Development (Reduce Construction Time by 20%)
Firstly, verify your adventurer level and allocate ability points.
After reaching level 14, directing all ability points towards the economy should enable you to acquire Development (Reduce Construction Time by 20%).
This development is an useful skill that can be utilized every 24 hours, reducing “construction” or “research” time by 20% for 30 minutes.

Harvest (Reduce Construction Time)
Similar to Development, this skill can be activated every 24 hours. The higher the level, the more the reduction time increases.

Estate Buffs (Increase Construction Speed by 10% to 20%)
During special events, there were buffs available to decrease construction time.
By the way, estate Buffs and Development can be combined. If you have both, you can expect a significant reduction.

Research can also boost construction speed, increasing it by up to 23%.

In the best pirate game-Stormshot ,scouting involves a certain level of risk. Targeting players who are too far away can result in excessive round-trip time and consequently heighten the chances of detection. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep the transmission distance reasonably close to your estate.