Stormshot: A PC Puzzle Game about Treasure Island Adventure

Stormshot is a realistic pirate game where you combat the ghost army and develop a treasure island! If you wish to immerse yourself in a medieval European-style adventure drama and authentic territorial building within a game, this story begins when you download this PC puzzle game from App Store/Google Play
and find yourself stranded on a certain deserted island after being attacked by mysterious ghost pirates.

PC puzzle game

In this PC puzzle game, each illustration featured in this work is high-quality and exudes an explorer’s vibe!

About the game system – Stormshot:
Collect abundant resources and transform the treasure island into an ideal territory!

As you level up and progress through the story, various parts of the island shrouded in fog become explorable! Take down the enemies ahead using bouncing bullets in “mini game”.

In the early stages, it’s simple enough that just shooting will hit, but as the stage progresses, multiple obstacles are placed, requiring some ingenuity such as not being able to defeat the enemy without using gimmicks.

However, a bullet that is meticulously calculated for its angle and then fired to hit the opponent is sure to be addictive!

You can explore various parts of the island while creating diverse living and production facilities. As the story progresses to a certain extent, sub-contents perfect for passing time will be sequentially unlocked.
Additionally, once your character develops and your base grows to a certain extent, PVP, where you can attack other players’ bases, becomes possible! Make sure to collect as many resources as possible and just enjoy the PC puzzle game!