Stormshot – A PC puzzle game allows everybody to freely explore the world of pirates

Stormshot is a PC puzzle game where you cultivate your estate and soldiers. If you have experience with similar games, you can play with a familiar feel, but still be pleasantly surprised. If it’s your first time playing, you will have an incredibly enjoyable gaming experience.

PC puzzle game

Time and Duration:
ThePC puzzle game Stormshot involves consuming stamina to defeat threats (monsters), complete quests, etc., and once you’ve set up tasks related to construction and research, it’s okay to leave until you have spare time to continue playing the game.

Upgrading Estate Level:
Players aim to upgrade their camp level while accomplishing chapter quests, main quests, daily quests, and events.

In particular, it’s recommended to focus on the chapter quests a bit since they are necessary for progressing in Stormshot. You can proceed efficiently with construction by unlocking the second slot of the builder with gold. However, you cannot carry out construction that takes longer than the remaining construction time of the second slot.

Basic Strategy for Stormshot:
Subdue threats with the remaining stamina, and focus on collecting food and other resources in resource collection that doesn’t consume stamina. Managing stamina can be quite challenging, so use stamina recovery whenever you need.

Although there are mini-games with shooting elements, you don’t need to worry about getting stuck, as you can skip these at the difficulty level where you cannot pass.

Stormshot is a PC puzzle game that everyone can enjoy. Download it from App Store/Google Play
to experience the fun of exploring the unknown pirate world.