Stormshot – A PC puzzle game that’s okay for anyone

In this PC puzzle game,As an adventurer, you land on a treasure island and advance by shooting down enemies behind walls or below with bullets. The gameplay involves gradually developing the fog-covered island, defeating monsters and pirates, and collecting treasures.

You use the collected treasures and cut wood to repair and level up buildings like castles and shooting ranges, and complete quests to clear shooting stages.

PC puzzle game

What’s interesting is that the areas you can develop increase as the levels of buildings and players rise!

Although it’s a game about expanding your base, the addition of shooting allows you to enjoy two kinds of gameplay at once, which makes the game feel like a great deal!

The shooting isn’t just about shooting enemies; you also have to calculate so your bullets cross walls to attack enemies, or shoot barrels to drop them onto enemies, requiring strategy, which makes trying various methods fun.

For those who want to enjoy both land development and shooting, this pc puzzle game offers both in one package, which I think is a great deal.

Aside from targeting enemies in the shooting part, most of the selection is done by tapping, so even those who are not good with difficult controls can enjoy it plenty.

There are various patterns, so this PC puzzle game is highly recommended for those who love the joy of exploration. Go ahead and download it from App Store/Google Play to give it a try.