Stormshot Review – A PC puzzle game abundant with mini-game elements

Stormshot is a PC puzzle game that combines shooting gameplay, along with the strategic elements of building bases using the rewards obtained.

PC puzzle game

The main storyline involves a mysterious treasure island that suddenly appears in a vast ocean where pirates and mermaids appear. It’s a story about a battle over treasures, and it’s enjoyable to see various characters make their appearance. Beyond the shooting action elements, there are various mini-games and base-building elements that you can enjoy, making this a unique PC puzzle game.

Stormshot has a 3D side-scrolling style, with the feature of bullets reflecting depending on the angle of your shot, allowing you to defeat enemies.

What’s interesting about this game is that the number of remaining bullets is limited, and you clear the game by defeating all the pirates. The combat is fun! Besides gun reflections, there are bombs placed around, and by hitting them, you can defeat enemies within a certain range. This fun gimmick allows for strategic gameplay depending on the player’s ingenuity.

Also, the game is rich with mini-game elements, with mini-games popping up when opening keys to treasures, for instance.

By communicating with mermaids, various mini-games appear, allowing you to experience different game elements.

Although it’s a PC puzzle game that’s easy to start, it also has great depth for those who want to dive in deeper, which I love! Go quickly to App Store/Google Play
and download Stormshot to enjoy the fun of solving puzzles together~