Version 2.4.100 Update Announcement

Brave Adventurers and Adventuresses,
To improve your gaming experience, we have brought the following new content in Version 2.4.100:
◎Oracle Reefs
The original Tidelands will be fully revamped into Oracle Reefs! Together with multiple gameplay optimizations, it will bring you a better gaming experience filled with fun! (The Tidelands entrance will be officially disabled for the battlefield upgrade on the morning of July 31st.)
– Adjusted the event schedule. The Oracle Reefs will open every week, and the event entrance is set to open for the first time on August 6th. Please note that you need to upgrade the client to version 2.4.100 to participate.
– Changed the “Coral Altar” to “Oracle Altar.” When the landmark is continuously occupied, the occupant Alliance will receive benefits.
– Removed the battlefield landmarks: Tidelands Oracle, Abyss Oracle, both Flooded Temples, and Tempest Shrine. The 4 Oracle Altars are kept.
– Adjusted the amount of Alliance and Solo points earned from mining, being the first to take over a landmark, and continuously occupying a landmark.
– Battlefield Bosses incoming! Three brand new enemies: the Atlantean Prayer, Necromancer, and High Priest await your challenge!
◎ Hero Equipment
– Hero Equipment Scrolls can now be dismantled into other materials in the dismantle interface.
– Increased the Stronghold level required to unlock the Hero Equipment feature from 7 to 8.
– Optimized the art and interactive experience for the Hero Equipment interface.
◎ Other Updates and Optimizations
– Permanently increased the Skin Benefits! Parts of the benefit increase have already taken effect through hotfixes, now you can check the detailed stats after upgrading to the latest version.
– Optimized the Skins interface, bringing you a more intuitive layout and more convenient interactions.
– Upgraded the Growth Fund! We welcome you to upgrade and experience the new feature. If you had purchased the original funds, the remaining rewards will be sent to your mail all at once.
– Fixed the display issue of the Alliance Tower and Alliance Knowledge interface under certain circumstances.
– Optimized the art for certain item icons.
Version 2.4.100 has been released! Update your game to the latest version in your app store to experience the awesome new content!
The Adventurers Guild