Unknown adventure in the PC puzzle game – Stormshot

The main gameplay of the PC puzzle game, Stormshot, involves a battle format where you shoot at enemy pirates. You determine the direction to shoot with a tap, and release to fire. Bullets have the unique trait of bouncing off walls. Depending on the stage, the locations of enemies and the shape of the map vary. Initially, it’s easy, but as the stages progress, the maps become more complex, featuring more mechanisms such as moving floors, exploding boxes, and iron balls that rotate when shot.

PC puzzle game

Key points of the guide:
You can gather plenty of resources from the missions of the newly implemented system. By diligently completing these, you can avoid a shortage of resources and progress smoothly. If you follow the mission structure, your camp level will also increase.

Try to join a top-ranking alliance.
There is no cooldown for entering or leaving an alliance, so it’s okay to join one first and then move to a higher-ranking one (TOP10) later.

In this PC puzzle game, the recommended research items are as follows:
・Development Construction I (speeds up construction)
・Combat Progress Slot I, II
Other items don’t have a significant effect for beginners, so they’re not essential, but if you have spare resources, it would be beneficial to invest in combat-related items, stamina recovery, attack speed, and attack limit.

Food & Resource Procurement:
You’ll find that food and stone deplete quite rapidly. If you wish to avoid looting as much as possible, you can save up by gathering using stamina. If you’re unfortunate in daily events and fail to obtain enough food, you may need to venture out to gather more. However, if you amass resources gradually, you can significantly decrease the amount you need to collect.

However, who can predict what tomorrow holds? Whether you return loaded with spoils from battles or run short of resources, all are part of the Stormshot adventure story. Head to App Store/Google Play to download this PC puzzle game now.