Venture towards the unknown treasure in Stormshot! – An interesting PC puzzle game

Starting from the late 14th century, explorers began a series of discoveries and conquests due to their longing for the unknown. With the rise of the Age of Discovery came pirate culture. In that era full of mystery and adventure, pirates also left behind epic tales of relentless struggles for freedom. Stormshot, as a PC puzzle game, presents this thrilling and mysterious era.

PC puzzle game

In this strategic shooting PC puzzle game, each player has their own Estate, which can be used to continuously produce essential survival resources in the game.

In the early stages of Stormshot, the majority of the map within your Estate is shrouded in fog. You should constantly explore all the new areas as you level up, as this will unveil numerous secrets and mysterious items that will aid in boosting your strength and power.

Keep in mind that the more you explore, the higher the level of your Stronghold is required. To fully explore the map, you will eventually need to reach level 35.

In this pirate-themed PC puzzle game, not only are there unknown adventures, but also astonishing treasures. Click to download Stormshot from App Store/Google Play
to experience the wonderful world within the game.