Ways to Prevent Resource Plundering in the Best Pirate Game, Stormshot

In the best pirate game, it’s essential to do everything possible to acquire more resources. One such method is to join a top-tier alliance.
If for some reason you can’t join, such as when there’s no vacancy, I recommend not leaving yourself idle with lots of resources (especially silver).
In the best pirate game,having a lot of troops and soldiers can also make you less likely to be targeted.
However, while this is effective against solo players who come to plunder, if multiple people who are plundering find you, they will gather and plunder from you.

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Moreover, if you’re grouped together with weak alliance members, even if you don’t have many resources, you may be plundered “on the side”. Therefore, moving a bit away from your alliance members might be a good idea.
But, that may prevent you from participating in contents like defeating field armies in a group.)

Leaving an alliance and moving can be done anytime quickly, and the fame usable in the alliance store can be carried over from your previous alliance, so feel free to move.

Resource Gathering Difficulty

Since there are no special events now, you may need to go on a raid even at camp level 20.
The difficulty of resource collection is such that obtaining silver is far more difficult than other resources like stone/food etc.
So if you receive a box as an event reward, always choose to get silver.
Silver is only held by players above camp level 15, so it’s difficult to plunder.

On the other hand, food and obsidian are much easier to gather.
Often, there are low-level castles right near where you teleport randomly, so you can gather resources without having to prepare advanced teleport.
You can download Stormshot from App Store/Google Play, you know. Improve your strength in the Best Pirate Game through clever strategic arrangements and enjoy the fun of exploration~