What are the appealing aspects of the PC puzzle game Stormshot?

Stormshot is a PC puzzle game where you need to defeat enemies using various tactics such as bouncing bullets, hitting bombs with bullets to cause explosions, utilizing switches, and numerous other gimmicks.

However, the number of bullets you can shoot is fixed at five, so you need to think about how to defeat your enemies within this limit. While the early stages are fairly easy to clear, there are over 300 types of stages, and the more you progress, the more you have to use your brain to clear them!

PC puzzle game

In addition to the enemy-shooting system, you can also develop a treasure island.

As you advance through the chapters, you can expand your territory and increase your subordinates to efficiently collect resources.

You can also build various facilities by upgrading your camp’s level.

As you advance through the chapters and find facilities, there may be cases where pirates occupy these facilities. If you initiate a battle with the pirates, you can engage in a strategic battle by positioning your troops! After positioning your troops, the attack itself will automatically commence once the battle begins! It’s crucial to carefully plan where to place which characters before entering the battle.

Lastly, there’s one more thing: you can also battle outside your kingdom!

This is a real-time strategy gameplay, where you can engage in intense battles with enemy NPCs and other players, which adds another fun aspect to the PC puzzle game! This involves deciding on the types of characters and soldiers, forming your troops, advancing towards your destination, and then battling.

So, Stormshot is a PC puzzle game that allows you to enjoy three different types of games in one! Download the game from App Store/Google Play and experience unlimited exploration.