What is the experience like of owning your own island at sea in the PC puzzle game Stormshot?

Get addicted to building your own island in a maritime simulation PC puzzle game, featuring hundreds of shooting stages, large-scale army battles, and island development. Tailored for both PC and smartphones, it offers an immersive gaming experience.

Stormshot is a pirate-themed island development PC puzzle game where you become a captain, rescue distressed residents from ghost pirates, and develop your own base while enjoying a mini game about shooting.
PC puzzle game
Repair, purify, and advance abandoned facilities to develop and prosper your base! Besides your own base map, there’s also a map with other players scattered around, so you can enjoy organizing battles with heroes and soldiers strategically, and collecting & strengthening heroes with unique skills. Even if you like the fun of this game as a PC puzzle game or enjoy games that involve skillful shooting, you can delve into the facility construction, exploration, and nurturing aspects of this work!
Since you can enjoy it on a big screen with a PC, it was more immersive and fun than playing with a smartphone. However, when you don’t have time to sit down and fully enjoy PC games, playing games on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere is undoubtedly a better choice.

The only difference between PC and smartphone when I actually played both was the size of the screen!

Indeed, there is a pinball-style mini-game system, but you can actually build and explore the island, the replay element is high, and the graphics are beautiful!

Depending on the PC’s play environment, the way you feel about the size of the screen may change, the user interface displayed in the game, the characters’ graphics, the scenario, etc. are all the same.
The gaming experience itself far exceeded what its advertisement had promised, so I recommend everyone to download and try out this PC puzzle game from App Store/Google Play.