What PC puzzle games are worth recommending in 2023? – Stormshot will surprise you

If you’re looking for a compelling PC puzzle game that combines puzzle shooting and RPG elements, look no further than Stormshot. This free-to-play, pirate-themed game offers the exciting challenge of solving angle-based puzzles to defeat pirates. In addition to the captivating puzzle-solving aspect, you’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade buildings in your base and explore the enigmatic area where you find yourself stranded.

PC puzzle game
Progress through the story is achieved by completing levels, where you must strategically take rifle shots to overcome your pirate adversaries. Once you’ve fortified your stronghold, you can venture out to discover new adventures, engage in occasional battles, and gather resources from the surroundings.

As you may have noticed, Stormshot is a real-time strategy PC puzzle game that requires resource gathering and management for survival. The game offers various rewards through its gifting system, including resources like Food and Crystals, different Speedups, and cosmetic items. These resources are used to create and enhance the levels of your structures, while Speedups help improve income and construction speeds within your stronghold.

Embark on this adventure in the PC puzzle game alone and become the most formidable adventurer! Solve the mystery of the lost treasures and claim your rightful place.