When I aspire to be a sea explorer in the pc puzzle game-stormshot!

If you have the chance to become a pirate in pc puzzle game-stormshot, what would you do?

pc puzzle game

Tie a headscarf or wear the iconic tricorn hat of the pirates; behave boldly and freely roam the seas, accumulating your wealth from struggle and adventure?

Do you want to gradually own your defensive forces in the game? Then you can build and upgrade resource production buildings like Stone Quarry, Orchard, Silver Mine, and Magic Crystal Factory. You should also research technologies in the Economy tech tree of the Research building. Besides, The Mermaid is a special ally character that appears in pc puzzle game-stormshot and can be very helpful for resource gathering, stat boosts, and special missions that will reward you with amazing rewards. This character has a variety of abilities that can increase your power quickly, but can also be used to collect shipwrecks – you just need to tap them when you see one floating in the sea, and the mermaid will take care of it, bringing resources back to your city.

The secrets of pc puzzle game-stormshot are not just limited to this, there are more interesting gameplay waiting for you~just download stormshot from App Store/Google Play and have fun!